What's Happening

Last year's Climate Change class met with Patrick Woodcock, The Governor's Energy Office director, to discuss the report that they presented at the Maine Climate Summit in the spring. Woodcock requested a meeting with the students because he was particularly impressed with their work. You can read the full text of the report.   
Watershed students will travel to Rockland twice a week to The Steel House Center for Design and Technology.  Please see the following link for more information about this exciting opportunity:  http://watershed-school.org/sites/default/files/SH_Watershed%20description.pdf
On September 20, Watershed students and faculty will board a bus to New York City to participate in the People's Climate March.  With world leaders gathering at the United Nations the following week, Watershed will join thousands of others in sending a strong message of support for greater efforts to address climate change.
Watershed School Returns from Adventure in Canada Watershed School students returned this week from their annual trip to Quebec, Canada. Students and faculty traveled to the French-speaking province in order to attend Winter Carnival. The school has attended the event for over ten years and the trip has become a favorite part of the academic calendar. Watershed places emphasis on its students and faculty as members of a community and sees travel as an opportunity to learn from one another...
DESIGNING QUESTIONS FOR YOUNG DESIGNERS February 9, 2014 · by artworksmaine · Bookmark the permalink. · “Art is solving problems that cannot be formulated before they have been solved. The shaping of the question is part of the answer.” ~ Piet Hein, author of Grooks “How do you want your letters to be read?” That was the overarching question for high schoolers on a quest to design an original font....