Watershed Students Excel in Recent Testing

For the second year in a row, a Watershed Junior has scored a perfect 800 on a section of the SAT. Last year, a student scored an 800 on the Verbal section; this year, a student scored an 800 on the Math section. Watershed currently has a Junior class of eight.
As part of the Watershed experience, every student receives personalized, expert test preparation advice for college admissions. Dr. Mary Smyth, Watershed’s math teacher, has been coaching SAT prep, as well as other college placement exams, for the last twelve years.
“At Watershed, we work on maximizing each student’s potential,” says Dr. Smyth. “The faculty feels strongly that it’s our duty and privilege to work with students so they become their best and brightest selves.”
As part of Watershed’s philosophy that students learn best in close teacher-student relationships, the school offers summer tutoring programs, as well as Math Matters, an after-school math class for college-bound students who want to refresh and strengthen their math skills. Math Matters is open to all area middle and high school students and consists of practicing skills which contribute to success in both testing and class work.
Students who don’t attend Watershed School are welcome to participate in Watershed’s summer programs, as well as Math Matters, which is offered in the fall and in the spring.