Watershed School Welcomes International Students



Lilian Hohmann and Minjung Kim begin an academic year as international students at Watershed School in Camden, Maine. 


Watershed has a history of extensive international exchange. Since its inception in 2002, the school has played host to a number of international students and has encouraged its own students to travel abroad. "International students add tremendously to our program by opening up new perspectives on the world, an especially important attribute in the 21st century when young people are expected to engage in creative problem-solving and innovative thinking,” says Will Galloway, Director of the Watershed school.



Lilian Hohmann, of Bensheim, Germany, and Minjung Kim, of Seoul, South Korea arrived in August and are currently living with Watershed host families. Karen Kitt, who is a senior at Watershed, volunteered to host Kim. “As someone who would like to study abroad in the future, I am grateful for the opportunity to introduce someone to my culture,” says Kitt. Kim decided to travel to the United States in January of last year. She hopes to see more of the world and has been glad to learn more about art and design, subjects new to her.  




Minjung Kim, left, with her host, Karen Kitt.


Heather Dumond, currently in her junior year, says of Hohmann, her international-sister, “We never had that time where we didn’t get along or didn’t understand each other because we had communicated prior to when she arrived in the United States. We knew that we shared common interests.” Hohmann decided to travel abroad several years ago and says, “I like the concept of the [Watershed] School. It’s a great experience. I’m really enjoying it.” 




Watershed School is an independent high school located in the Knox Mill in Camden. It attracts students from throughout the midcoast who are seeking a demanding intellectual environment and an interconnected, enthusiastic school community. Watershed is accepting applications for the 2013-2014 academic year. For more information visit www.watershed-school.org or call 207-230-7341. 





Lilian Hohmann, left, with her host, Heather Dumond.