Watershed School Homestay Program

The Watershed School Homestay Program is designed for international students who would like the experience of living with a local family – in most cases, a faculty member or parents of a Watershed student. Homestay families offer international students a unique window into our culture and a time-tested means of improving language skills. To an international student, your family's approach to daily living is both a cultural introduction and an English language immersion experience.

For homestay families, hosting an international students is an education as well. Whether from the dinner table conversation or through informal interaction, your family will have the opportunity to gain new insights and perspectives on the world, develop friendships that will last a lifetime, and open the door to new experiences at home and abroad.

Requirements of the Program

  • Homestay families provide an important network of support during the school year. In addition to basics like food, a home, and transportation, homestay parents support and share in the cultural transition that international students experience.
  • Families also serve as an essential link between home and school in that they may be asked to support their student with homework, attend school events, and participate in mid-semester conferences with teachers.
  • The school requires that your family be able to offer privacy and safety. Homestay students expect a room of their own in your home, and a Watershed School administrator will arrange a visit to your home to ensure that you and the international student have what you need for the experience to be successful. Finally, all US schools are required to do a background check on the adults of the host family.

Benefits of the Program

  • Most of the benefits of welcoming an international student into your home are intangible. Your family becomes a key player in Watershed School’s International community, helping diversify the school, and put Watershed students in touch with the wider world.
  • In addition, Homestay families receive a monthly $600 stipend designed largely to offset food and transportation expenses.

Next Steps...

We're excited about your interest in the Watershed School Homestay Program. To take the next step, please contact Head of School, Will Galloway by phone (207) 230-7341 or email at [email protected] to set up an interview. We're eager to hear about your experience with young people and with people from other countries and cultures.

Thank you for your interest!