Maine-Based Foundations Support Watershed School

As Watershed School looks forward to a year of enriching and expanding both its curriculum and its campus, Maine-based foundations have stepped up this summer to support the initiative.

Maine Community Foundation recently awarded Watershed School two grants, one in the amount of $25,000 from the directors of the component fund of the foundation. Additionally, Watershed received a second grant from the same foundation to support a science lab and climate change resource center in its new building, located at One Free Street in Camden.

The Watershed School science program was also strengthened this summer by a donation from the Ed Meyers Foundation of Damariscotta for academic programs in both marine and environmental science.

An ongoing annual commitment of $8,000 from Thomaston's Anonimo Foundation helps Watershed integrate science and the arts, especially in the Freshman Scientific Observation class.

Watershed’s scholarship fund continues to be supported by the generosity of many local and state contributors, most recently from Margaret Davis of Camden, Maine, on behalf of the William Harold Davis Foundation.

These contributions, which follow on the heels of this spring’s $75,000 award from the Edward E. Ford Foundation, strengthen Watershed’s ongoing expansion of educational programs and help to solidify its presence in midcoast Maine.