Enduring Values

Learning Is a Lifelong Practice

  • Education is a journey, not a destination
  • Learning improves through practice
  • Opportunities for learning happen everywhere
  • New ideas deserve consideration

Challenge Is an Opportunity for Growth

  • Perseverance takes courage and fosters resilience
  • Mistakes are lessons
  • Small steps count

Individuals Thrive in a Community

  • High expectations are balanced by a supportive environment
  • Teamwork teaches the value of feedback
  • Trust builds confidence
  • Honest feedback leads to compassionate connection
  • Living with differences is as important as reaching agreement

Students Engage With the World

  • Citizenship is everyone’s work, and requires practice
  • Students recognize their role in the larger community
  • Classroom experiences relate to current events
  • Students develop skills to help others

Active Families Make our Community Prosper

  • School culture creates opportunities for family involvement
  • Family voices strengthen our community
  • All parents participate in school life
  • Many hands make light work