Anita Brosius-Scott

Education:  University of California, Santa Barbara & U.C. Davis, B.S., Wildlife Biology

Career Work:  Photography - diverse applications from site, studio and darkroom work to handling deep sea photographic equipment and film processing for oceanographers of LDEO (Columbia U.), photographing the sea floor.

Travels/Volunteer/Educational work:  Created a non-profit, “Reaching Beyond Borders – Education on Safari” and blogged (before it was a “thing”) 120 illustrated middle school lessons for online publication and created sister-school matches between 25 classrooms in Africa and the USA while overland camping 20,000 miles through Africa with two children of middle-school age.

Short-term and volunteer work:  Photography, substitute teaching, Elderhostel (via Tanglewood 4H,  assistant in administration and guiding), volunteering in schools and local government. Served on  Camden Select Board, Budget Committee, Pathways Committee, local and regional planning groups.

Present work:  Finishing up a long-term total house renovation project; serving on Camden Planning Board, Pathways Committee, Chair Energy Committee.