Watershed Student Learns and Applies American Sign Language

Senior, Emma Faunce begins her second year studying American Sign Language with Leonore Boerner.  Beorner is on the faculty at the University of Southern Maine in the Linguistics Department and also works through the Maine Educational Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing at the Baxter School.  She has additionally taught ASL in several of the public schools in the Portland area.

At the end of the month Emma will attend an event at the Baxter School for the deaf in Yarmouth and she will be getting more direct experience with the deaf culture throughout the year.  According to Jen Batterman, Emma's mother, "I believe the experiential component will be such a positive addition to her learning".
"Watershed School creates a positive, structured learning environment that encourages students to run with their interest, talents, and passion.  Emma's commitment to learning American Sign Language reflects this fundamental principle incredibly well," according to Head of School, Will Galloway.