Think Again!

THINK school is boring?

THINK AGAIN. Watershed’s discussion-based classes allow for engaging conversation, challenging debates, and innovative teaching. Our small class size means that our highly qualified faculty can integrate the latest research and real-life experience to provide our students with learning experiences rarely found at the high school level.

THINK high school teachers don’t have time to know their students well?

THINK AGAIN. Our faculty concentrate on getting to know each student in the school - their learning styles, interests, attitude toward learning, challenges, and aspirations - so they can help develop each student's full potential. We believe that exceptional individual growth develops out of strong teacher-student relationships within the context of a supportive and enthusiastic learning community.

THINK you want a big school experience?

THINK AGAIN. Watershed’s small size allows students to get to know each other on a deeper level than they might in a larger school. What’s more, our students become friends with people who aren’t necessarily like them. In many schools, cliques are formed. These cliques are often comprised of a group of similar people. Since there are no cliques to speak of at Watershed, all of the students become friends with each other; even if they don’t have the same personalities, interests, experiences, and views on life. This is a wonderful opportunity for our students to understand and learn from each other.

THINK you can’t play sports or do theatre if you’re not at a public school?

THINK AGAIN. Recent changes in the Maine Principal’s Association’s Rules now allow students who live in-district but are enrolled in a private school to participate in “co-curricular, interscholastic, and extracurricular activities at the public high school.” Band, chorus, skiing, sailing, and many other opportunities are open to Watershed students.

THINK learning only goes on inside of a classroom?

THINK AGAIN. At Watershed, students aren’t confined to the four walls of a classroom. Our educational program extends beyond our front doors, and our faculty knows that not every answer can be found in a textbook. Students actively participate in community organizations such as The Camden Conference, they take art and design classes at The Steel House, they study marine biology with Bigelow Labs, and each year our entire student body and faculty take several trips throughout the year to places like Bowdoin, Bates, RISD, Quebec’s Winter Carnival, Acadia National Park, and Boston, just to name a few. What’s more, our students have the opportunity to enjoy Camden on a daily basis, whether it’s to play frisbee in Harbor Park, grab lunch at one of the many eateries in town, or do research at the Camden Public Library.

THINK you have to take AP classes to get into a good college?

THINK AGAIN. Watershed students have gained admittance to some of the most respected colleges and institutions in the United States and abroad. We believe it’s more important to understand a topic on a deep level than it is to memorize dates and places. Additionally, many of today’s college admissions faculty have told us that Watershed students are better prepared for higher education than most students because they have learned and practiced the skills expected of them at the college level, including research and analysis, critical thinking, and effective collaboration.

THINK students have no say in what goes on in high school?

THINK AGAIN. The democratic nature of our school community means that every voice is heard. Students make decisions on everything from school trips to school rules to electives. But more importantly, our students learn how to talk and how to listen, and these skills serve them well beyond high school.

THINK you can’t afford a private school education?

THINK AGAIN. Over one-third of Watershed students receive significant financial aid. We are committed to working with families to help make their education affordable. In addition, students from Northport, St. George, Jefferson, Damariscotta, and Newcastle receive tuition waivers.

THINK you can’t take the road less travelled?

THINK AGAIN. Students attend Watershed because they want to learn. They want to be inspired and enlightened and valued. Watershed students are seeking a greater academic opportunity, a supportive school culture, and a strong sense that each student matters. They know that this kind of education will prepare them well for college and beyond. They don’t mind that Watershed may be an option that many of their peers don’t choose. They are independent thinkers who make connections... and make a difference.

Are you ready to THINK AGAIN?

Watershed’s unique approach to teaching and learning balances the academic rigor of many of the best secondary schools in the country with a school culture that nurtures a deeply-held trust in and respect for one another. Our students are connected... to themselves, each other, the faculty, their community, and the world around them. We believe that teenagers are eager to learn and grow, and it’s important to nurture that curiosity and intellectual courage. At Watershed, we don’t teach people what to think; we teach them how to think, not only so they can go on to a good college, but so they can also go on to a happy and productive life.

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