New Year Brings Exciting New Opportunities at Watershed School

It’s been a busy fall at Watershed School. Enrollment inquiries are at a record pace, both for incoming Freshmen as well as mid-year transfers.

For students interested in mid-year transfers, the second semester begins with Watershed’s annual Project Week, which starts on Tuesday, January 3 and culminates on Tuesday, January 10 with a final student presentation. Each year, Watershed students choose a topic of interest and connect with a subject matter expert, known as an SME. Over the course of seven days, students do not attend class but instead fan out into local workshops, studios, classrooms, concert halls and other locales specific to their project. At the end of the week, students gather to share their work using a Pecha Kucha format. “Project week provides an excellent opportunity for young people to delve deeply into a topic and develop meaningful connections with mentors in the community,” says Will Galloway, Head of School at Watershed.

The semester will continue with an all-school visit to Bates College for Martin Luther King Day, as well as an all-school trip to Quebec City for the Winter Carnival. The semester also includes a large climate change project, the Camden Conference, Senior Projects, and electives ranging from marine science and oceanography to ceramics or glass blowing.

“When you're with Watershed students you notice right away that there's a unique spark in them. They're curious about many things and excited to learn more about them,” says Educational Consultant John A. Bird  “They enjoy their partnership with teachers in a small and lively classes that challenge them to exercise their initiative and imagination. There is great trust and mutuality among all these learners, and teachers see themselves as learners, too.”

Watershed School is an independent high school located in Camden, serving students who are looking for a challenging academic program in the context of a supportive school culture. Watershed is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and is a Maine State Approved High School. Watershed is also affiliated with the Coalition of Essential Schools.

Enrollment is limited. To schedule a visit or to learn more, please call 207-230-7341 or visit