Coalition of Essential Schools

Watershed School is pleased to announce a new initiative that links our academic program to the Coalition of Essential Schools, established by Ted Sizer at Brown University.  By joining the Coalition, Watershed affirms that we put into practice the Common Principles that shape the teaching and learning at some of the best schools in the nation. 

These 10 principles include:

  • Learning to use one’s mind well
  • Less is more: depth over coverage
  • Goals apply to all students
  • Personalization
  • Student-as-worker, teacher-as-coach
  • Demonstration of mastery
  • A tone of decency and trust
  • Commitment to the entire school
  • Resources dedicated to teaching and learning
  • Democracy and equity

Affiliating with the Coalition of Essential Schools also means that our faculty and students have access to extensive research and professional development resources that keep Watershed at the forefront of a movement for educational reform characterized by high levels of student engagement, project-based learning that connects the classroom with community, and performance-based assessment to support demonstrated mastery of essential skills for lifelong learning.

Stay connected with Watershed School and the Coalition for more news about our exciting new venture!

For further information about our program or our admissions process, please contact us at (207) 230-7341, or by email [email protected]

Thank you!