Watershed School, Camden, Maine

Intellectual Courage & Inquiry

Outstanding Faculty

Design Thinking

Close Friends & Meaningful Relationships

Problem Solving & Analytic Thinking

Project Based Learning

Research & Data Analysis

Engaged Citizens

Consensus Building

Visual & Performing Arts

Performance Based Assessment

Joy of Learning

Commitment to Community

Opportunities for Athletes

The Watershed Way

Watershed School offers an intellectually challenging program which encourages students to strive for personal growth and make meaningful connections and contributions to the world around them.

In the Spotlight

Watershed Calendar

25 October
12:00pmFacutly workshop - early dismissal
30 October
8:00amFacutly meeting
30 October
11:00amAll School meeting / brief Big Brother Sister info session
2 November
5:00pmSteel House South Art Elective Share Night
3 November
Progress Reports due